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There Really Is a Plan and Focus

Since this is my professional/career website, I’ll risk being accused of being self-indulgent as I take a brief look at where I have arrived and try to reconcile the various interests, projects and missions that have led me to this time and place. This site and blog is a re-launch of what was my first website back in 2002. (I won’t count the GeoCities site I set up in 1996 – remember those?). In hindsight, it was my first step in transitioning from an analog mindset to a digital mindset in terms of how to communicate with clients and prospects. Printed materials (largely broadcast oriented) started to give way to online communications that opened the way for a dialogue and sharing of information, ideas and perspectives.

As a career marketing and sales guy, I am always reminded that staying focussed and having a clear, concise and coherent message is critical to attracting others to your “cause”. So, here’s what I believe this site is all about and how the various audiences I am engaging are connected. For those involved in buying or selling products or services and/or wanting to understand how these human processes work, there should be material in this site over time that will be of interest (and potentially, enlightenment).

I have been writing about and studying marketing, sales and business strategy all my professional life and in this current project (under the GordNWright logo) that I am calling Digital Discovery for Dealers (and Salespeople), I will focus on what I have learned during a dozen years working at car dealerships in various capacities (from salesperson to digital operations manager). And, I will occasionally draw on the 25+ years working in the corporate world of consumer products marketing and account management to find connections and insights that might illuminate topics of concern to automotive professionals and the customers they serve.

So, I will continue to write on the topic of Buying and Owning a Motor Vehicle via my blog “A Friend in the Car Business” as well as answer consumers’ questions.  I have also been involved in teaching the sales methodologies I have found successful and will continue to expand on the topic of sales training by continuing to write in a blog called “Showroom Sales Skills”. 

What I Write About:

GordNWright – Digital Discovery for Dealers

• A blog about what I have learned and continue to discover about how to use Digital Marketing in new and creative ways in a car dealership environment. It’s the 2020s and digital tools can be used to improve the purchase experience which is the ultimate objective of both buyers and sellers

My current focus is a project I am calling Online Digital Brag Book which seeks to encourage dealers to differentiate their stores by turning old ideas of marketing upside-down by selling the front line people in your organization to clients and prospects. If your people are what makes you different, it’s time to test that theory. I have tested this idea at a few dealerships and it works because, in the end, People Buy Cars from People so introduce your people before you introduce your products! GordNWright.com

A Friend in the Car Business

• A blog that helps people in the market for a new or used car to navigate the car buying process without getting frustrated and confused. There are tips and insights that will make for a more efficient and effective purchase experience as well as a more satisfying vehicle ownership experience. The original reason for starting this blog over a decade ago is still true: an educated consumer is an easier customer to deal with and appreciates the value of a professional level of service. AFriendintheCarBusiness.com

Showroom Sales Skills

• A blog that helps sales professionals (particularly car salespeople) become better equipped and more effective sales professionals by educating them on the real skills needed in a digital age where the rules have changed. Now, rather than being held spellbound by technology for its own sake, salespeople need to consider and learn the proper use of technology and how to deal with customers who are now “transaction-ready” when they arrive in the showroom and who expect an Amazon-style purchase experience. Integrating new digital technology (such as tablets, handheld CRM, and video texts) into the sales process requires a different set of skills and sales mindset for the 2020s that I will be exploring at some length. ShowroomSalesSkills.com

Please join me on one or more of these journeys of discovery. I look forward to sharing insights and the occasional eureka moment.

Gordon N. Wright

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Gordon N Wright

Gordon N Wright

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