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When I got into the car business (2007), it was as a newbie salesperson working floor traffic in the showroom. I discovered that the dealership’s top salesperson took very little floor traffic and worked almost completely from repeat and referral clients. I didn’t have ten years to get to that level so I figured that marketing myself as “A Friend in the Car Business” with (eventually) a basic website, blog, YouTube channel, and Facebook page for prospective car buyers was the way to leapfrog to the next level. Social Media turned out to be my way to educate potential clients on topics related to buying, leasing, and owning a car. I also discovered that better educated clients were easier to sell. But more important was the fact that I was able to get my face and my story in front of prospective clients who were searching for a vehicle online. They were able to find, get to know, and trust someone who could help them before they headed to the dealership

A few years later, I was “the internet guy” at the dealership with access to leads from the dealership website as well as from my own social media activities. What I discovered by exploring the website’s backend, using Google Analytics, was that the Staff Page was the #3 most visited page on the site! That was a Eureka Moment for me! A little more research and investigation indicated that a critical point for anyone in the car purchase process, once a car brand and model had been selected, was to find a dealership, preferably nearby. But walking into a car dealership was, and still is, a bit scary for many shoppers, so searching online for the nearest dealer selling the selected brand was the best way to find a store with good Google Reviews and some friendly faces.

This discovery prompted me to make one of my first videos called “Audition Your Salesperson” ( where I encouraged car shoppers to check out who they might want to be working with at the dealership. I also quickly went about updating the dealership’s website so each salesperson had a photo, a properly written bio, a short (60 second) profile video about what it was like to work with them along with any other information that would be found in a physical “Brag Book”. I collected testimonials from manufacturer surveys sent to sold customers as well as Google Reviews posted on the dealership Google My Business page mentioning a specific salesperson. I started taking “happy customer” photos in our dealership’s vehicle delivery area and started making short 30 second video clips of customers commenting on how it was to work with their particular salesperson. All this content, along with special awards and recognitions the salesperson had received were posted on their Staff Page profile. 

So, what was the result? One salesperson in particular jumped on the idea immediately encouraging customers to complete the manufacturer survey, to leave a Google Review, and teed up as many of his customers as possible to provide a short video testimonial. When “fresh ups” started arriving at the dealership asking to meet with this salesperson (because they had read his Google Reviews and watched his video on the Staff Page) most of the rest of the sales team quickly became believers and jumped on the process big time

That experience became the starting point and basis for producing a wide range of books, video courses, and other sales & marketing resources related to (and for the benefit of) automotive retail industry customers, salespeople and support for dealership management.

Now, my consulting work is focussed on the Retail Automotive industry with my specialization being training and marketing your dealership sales & service team to website visitors using a system called Online Digital Brag Book

Why You Might Want to Market Your People Ahead of Your Products?

If you run a franchise new car dealership, your products are the same as your competitors. What makes you different? YOUR PEOPLE!

I have developed a system to find transaction-ready buyers who are on your website or in your drive-through and introduce them, in an intimate and personal way, directly to your team of “first responders” (sometimes called salespeople).

DISCOVER MORE by connecting with me to receive a FREE Guide on how to implement this simple “Online Digital Brag Book” system at your dealership & turn your Sales/Service team into lead generators and the “Stars of the Dealership”.


I have been in the car sales business since 2007 selling cars, marketing cars, and using available digital tools to connect with prospects. My priority is to address the concerns of actual car salespeople who are struggling to break away from average results and, for that reason, I know they are looking for tools, techniques, and insights that will create customers for life (which is the secret to a self-sustaining business). My promise is that they can learn how to build a successful car sales career and I can help dealers provide the conditions for success. It starts with the dealership supporting them by making them the “stars of the dealership” in the eyes of customers and prospects.

The approach I use to promote your sales/service team is similar to the approach I teach in my books, videos, and online courses, i.e., I will show you and your team how to meet customers online (and/or have them discover you online) so they are encouraged to ask for specific people when they visit, call or submit a lead to your dealership. To accomplish this, you need to intercept buyers online because that is where transaction-ready buyers (as well as those still researching) are hanging out. You and your people can become known to these prospects and have them get to know you at relatively low cost.


Let’s start at the sharp end of the Sales & Marketing Spear: Your Sales & Service Team! My mission and focus is to equip car salespeople and service advisors with the knowledge and tools necessary: 

  • to find (and be found by) prospective clients in the market for a vehicle or vehicle service; 
  • to provide compelling reasons for prospects to work with dealership staff; 
  • to set the stage for a great purchase/service experience which results in a sale; 
  • to help the salesperson build a post-sale connection that produces an endless flow of recommendations, referrals, and repeat purchases.


Let’s move to the Management Team who are supporting the sales/service team. I can work with your website host/provider to configure the Staff Page to accommodate a complete bio for each sales/service advisor including contact info, photo, write up, embedded video(s), and links to additional resources that prospects can use: 

  • to facilitate the booking of appointments from the Staff Page by integrating with your CRM; 
  • to set the stage for a great delivery experience that provides content (testimonials, etc.) for each team members’ “brag book”;
  • to set up a post-delivery process (preferably using the dealership CRM) that nurtures sold customers by maintaining regular communication and follow up (including automated processes) that maintains contact between customers and their sales/service advisors.

Let’s Market Your #1 Asset, Your People, to Attract Transaction-Ready Buyers! Get Your FREE Quick Start Guide at

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Gordon N Wright

Gordon N Wright

Helping Car Dealerships Make Their Sales & Service Teams the "Stars of the Dealership". A Sales & Marketing Professional on a mission to bring effective and practical digital solutions to dealerships and salespeople working on the front lines.