GordNWright – Digital Content Creator & Consultant

Gordon N. Wright

The Beginning of the Story

I’m a marketing professional who fell into the car business; it’s a long story but the important part is that I was formally trained in marketing and practiced what I had studied for about 25 years at the corporate level before being introduced to the car business. What the car business taught me was how to sell cars and how to apply my marketing chops to do it differently than those brought up in the car business. In the process, I learned how marketing and sales work best together, where it really counts… on the showroom floor, face to face, when being able to close the deal is the only benchmark of success.

What I Can Do For Car Sales & Service People

Let’s start at the sharp end of the Sales & Marketing Spear: Your Sales & Service Team! My mission and focus is to equip car salespeople and service advisors with the knowledge and tools necessary:

  • to find (and be found by) prospective clients in the market for a vehicle or vehicle service;
  • to provide compelling reasons to engage and work with clients of the dealership; to set the stage for a great purchase/service experience which results in a sale;
  • to help you build a post-sale connection that produces an endless flow of recommendations, referrals, and repeat purchases.


What I Can Do For Car Dealership Managers and Owners

Let’s move to the Management Team who are supporting the sales & service teams. My mission and focus is to work with your website host/provider to configure the Staff Page to accommodate a complete bio for each sales/service advisor including contact info, photo, write up, embedded video(s), and links to additional resources that prospects can use:

  • to facilitate the booking of appointments from the Staff Page by integrating with your CRM;
  • to set the stage for a great delivery experience that provides content (testimonials, etc.) for each team members’ “brag book”;
  • to set up a post-delivery process (preferably using the dealership CRM) that nurtures sold customers by maintaining regular communication and follow up (including automated processes) that maintains contact between customers and their sales & service advisors.

Specific Ways I Can Help at Several Levels

Online Digital "Brag Book" Program

Online Digital “Brag Book” is a program to re-configure dealership websites (particularly the Staff Page) to promote the people on the front lines, i.e., sales and service personnel by using digital content created at the dealership via profile videos, written bios, reviews (from several sources) and testimonials from customers.

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Salespersons’ Personal Websites is a digital product that provides a personal Google Sites website template to each of the people on the front lines, i.e., sales and service personnel and shows them how to customize it and use it as a brag book, lead generation tool and personal branding and promotion device. The digital content includes the template and placeholders for a personal website with profile videos, written bios, reviews and testimonials from customers which can be dropped into the chosen templates.


Consulting Service for Car Dealerships

Why Not Market Your People Ahead of Your Products?
If you run a franchise new car dealership, your products are the same as your competitors. What makes you different? YOUR PEOPLE!
I have a system and methodology to find transaction-ready buyers who are on your website or in your drive-through and introduce them, in an intimate and personal way, directly to your team of “first responders” (sometimes called salespeople and service advisors).
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The Rest of the Story

When I got into the car business (2007), it was as a newbie salesperson working floor traffic in the showroom. I discovered that the dealership’s top salesperson took very little floor traffic and worked almost completely from repeat and referral clients. I didn’t have ten years to get to that level so I figured that marketing myself as “A Friend in the Car Business” with a basic website, blog, YouTube channel, and Facebook page for prospective car buyers was the shortcut I needed. (I even wrote a book titled “A New Way to Buy a Car” which is available on Amazon).

These marketing activities were my way to leapfrog to the next level. Social Media turned out to be my way to educate potential clients on topics related to buying, leasing, and owning a car. I also discovered that better educated clients were easier to sell. But more important was the fact that I was able to get my face and my story in front of prospective clients who were searching for a vehicle online. They were able to find, get to know, and trust someone (i.e., me) who could help them before they headed to the dealership.

A few years later, I was “the internet guy” at the dealership handling leads from the dealership website as well as from my own social media activities. At the same time, I started documenting what sales & marketing techniques worked and what did not as I was selling from both the showroom floor as well as online.

This led to another book (but for salespeople) that was essentially a short crash course organized in the form of “50 Steps to Showroom Mastery“. (Again, this book is also available on Amazon – including as an audiobook). It is 50 bite-sized pieces of the latest 21st Century wisdom on the true secrets of car sales success. It’s a fresh, tested on the showroom floor, approach to selling cars in the third decade of the 21st Century directed at new hires who want to build a self-sustaining career in the business by following a step-by-step proven program.

The books, videos, and over a dozen years working at car dealerships as a salesperson, internet manager, business development manager, digital marketing manager and digital operations manager (as well as part-time sales trainer) became the starting point and basis for producing a wide range of books, video courses, and other sales & marketing resources related to (and for the benefit of) automotive retail industry customers, salespeople and support for dealership management.

Now, my consulting work is focussed on the Retail Automotive industry with my specialization being training and marketing your dealership sales & service team to website visitors using a system called “Online Digital Brag Book”.